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Welcome to our learning webpage focused on Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) and Expert Medical Reviews. Here, we’ll provide you with in-depth knowledge and learning resources to help you understand and navigate the world of medical evaluations and assessments.

We’ll be a valuable source of information for healthcare professionals, legal experts, and individuals seeking insight into medical-legal services. We recognize the importance of medical review in various contexts. These include personal injury, legal proceedings, and workers’ compensation cases. Because of this, we’ll empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions, ensuring fair and accurate assessments.

Our core function is to deliver the best outcomes for all parties. Therefore, we’ll provide practical learning and education that allows us to fulfill the promise of our core function.

What can you expect on this page?

You can expect to find a variety of detailed information on our services. First, our articles on the importance of medical reviews and the concepts that help our providers understand the entire injured person. We’ll also explore the analysis of the conditions surrounding the injury and factors that contribute to recovery. We’ll also explore cases our expert physicians have evaluated.

Second, our webinar series, Merit Medical Office Hours, provides first-hand exposure to case studies. These showcase detailed 3D visual anatomy of the human body, common conditions, and their treatment. We offer education credits to those who attend our live webinars. Lastly, you can view our past webinars on our Office Hours Archive Tab. Or, you can check them out on our YouTube page.

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